Res Musica

Res Musica

The Res Musica yearbook aims to provide a wide forum for published articles on Estonian musicology. Comprising articles written by an international circle of scholars, it will cover all areas of musicological research. The yearbook is published by the Musicological Department of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT) and the Estonian Musicological Society (EMS). Before acceptance for publication, all articles are peer-reviewed by scholars active in appropriate areas of academic research.

Issues are focused on different fields of musicology rotationally and they are edited by members of editorial board in turn.

Upcoming issues:

Res Musica 11 (2019) / call for submissions

(Music history; ed. Anu Kõlar)

Res Musica 10 (2018) / publication date 26.11

(Popular music; eds. Kristel Pappel, Hannaliisa Uusma)

Latest issue:

Res Musica 9 (2017)

(Dedicated to Urve Lippus (1950–2015), ed. Jaan Ross)

Older issues:

Res Musica 8 (2016)

(Ethnomusicology / ed. Žanna Pärtlas)

Res Musica 7 (2015)

(Music theory / ed. Kerri Kotta)

Res Musica 6 (2014)

(Music history / ed. Toomas Siitan)

Res Musica 5 (2013)

(Music theatre / ed. Kristel Pappel)

Res Musica 4 (2012)

(Ethnomusicology / ed. Žanna Pärtlas)

Res Musica 3 (2011)

(Music theory / ed. Kerri Kotta)

Res Musica 2 (2010)

(Articles by postgraduates / postdoctorate researchers / ed. Jaan Ross)

Res Musica 1 (2009)

(Music history / ed. Urve Lippus)