Res Musica 9 (2017)

Altogether there were nine presentations. Four of these were the starting points for the full-scale peer-reviewed research papers that appear in the present yearbook. Their authors are Brigitta Davidjants, Mart Humal, Janika Oras and Helena Tyrväinen. In addition, four more contributions from the Tartu conference are included in the yearbook. These have a more personal character, and as such were not peer-reviewed. Their authors are Mimi Daitz, Anu Kõlar, Mark Lawrence and Andreas Waczkat. The yearbook also contains a conference paper on Veljo Tormis (by Jaan Ross), reviews of several musicological publications, including three doctoral theses, as well as the traditional chronicle of musicological activities in Estonia. Publication of this volume was supported by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research (research project IUT12-1) and by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies). Continue reading “Res Musica 9 (2017)”